Plans & Programs

Royal Court Package Plans

If you know from the get go that on-going coaching and/or private classes make the most sense for you, then you would benefit most from a package plan. Not only do you save money, but a package plan also provides the opportunity for us to work together more closely. You’ll also receive email support and a host of other supporting documents, templates and audio files.

Clients attracted to my coaching services are usually in a “shallow grave” and ready to break free from the illusion of lack and limitation, allowing more positive options to naturally manifest in their lives. If I’ve done my job right, our relationship may naturally morph into a powerful joint venture or you might enjoy my other products and services as they develop.

HEARTS PLAN:            2 Sessions for $190 ($10 Savings)
CLUBS PLAN:                4 Sessions for $360 ($40 Savings)
DIAMONDS PLAN:   6 Sessions for $510 ($90 Savings)
SPADES PLAN:             8 Sessions for $640 ($160 Savings)

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The Conscious Co-Creation Coaching Circle

The Conscious Co-Creation Circle’s main objective is to support you in becoming a better conscious co-creator in a concrete, verifiable way based on your desired outcomes in 3 months.

According to Brian Whetten, founder of Core Coaching, 10% of a coach’s success is based on the techniques used, 30% is based on the coach’s energy/personality, and 60% is based on the client’s commitment. The Conscious Co-Creation Circle is a high end program that provides the opportunity for you to make a long-term commitment to yourself, and as a group grow closer and stronger as a circle of conscious co-creators. The Circle will always commence at the beginning of a season and when there are at least 7 and no more than 13 participants. The Circle may begin and/ or conclude with an optional 3-7 day retreat in the Caribbean, Mexico or the US.

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